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Abd Allah Mamaqani

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ʿAbd Allāh b. Muḥammad Ḥasan Māmaqānī or Mamaqānī (Arabic:عبدالله بن محمدحسن مامقانی) (b. 1290/1873 - d. 1351/1933) is a Shi'a scholar in rijal of the 14th/20 century. He was one of the great scholars of Najaf and had many students, including Sayyid Shihab al-Din Mar'ashi Najafi. He has written some works, the most important of which is Tanqih al-maqal. Holding mourning sessions and founding a library in Najaf are some of his social activities.

Abd Allah Mamaqani
شیخ عبدالله مامقانی.jpg
Personal Information
Birth 1290/1873
Place of Birth Najaf
Studied in Najaf
Death 1351/1933
Burial Place Najaf
Scholarly Information
Professors Muhammad Hasan Mamaqani
Students al-Sayyid Sa'id al-Hakim, Sayyid Shihab al-Din Mar'ashi Najafi
Permission for
Ijtihad From
Muhammad Hasan Mamaqani