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'Amr b. 'Abd Wadd

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ʿAmr b. ʿAbdiwudd (Arabic: عَمرو بن عَبدِوُدّ) or ʿAmr b. ʿAbdiwadd (Arabic: عَمرو بن عَبدِوَدّ) was among the best warriors of Quraysh who was killed in the battle of Ahzāb (also called Khandaq) by Imam Ali (a). According to some hadiths, the Prophet (s) mentioned Imam Ali's (a) strike at 'Amr better than the worships of all humans and jinns. Ibn Taymiyya, the Sunni scholar and the founder of Salafism, rejected the existence of 'Amr b. 'Abdiwudd. Some researchers considered his motive to be rejecting the merits of Imam Ali (a).

'Amr b. 'Abd Wadd
Full Name 'Amr b. 'Abdiwudd al-'Amri
Well-known As Best warriors of Quraysh
Religious Affiliation Polytheist
Lineage Quraysh
Birth ?
Death 5 AH/627
Cause of Death By Imam Ali's (a) strike in the battle of Khandaq
Era At the time of Prophet (s)

According to a poem in Rumi's Mathnawi, after 'Amr b. 'Abdiwudd spat at Imam Ali (a) during the fight, Imam (a) gave up the fight for some moments in order to suppress his anger and then killed 'Amr. Some considered this report fake; however, in his Manaqib Al Abi Talib (a), Ibn Shahr Ashub (488/1095 - 588/1192) narrated this report.