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Aban b. Uthman

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This article is about a companion of Imam al-Sadiq (a) and Imam al-Kazim (a). For the son of 3rd caliph, see Aban b. 'Uthman b. 'Affan.
Companion of Imam (a)
Aban b. Uthman
Full Name Aban b. 'Uthman al-Ahmar al-Bajali
Companion of Imam al-Sadiq (a), Imam al-Kazim (a)
Teknonym Abu 'Abd Allah
Epithet al-Ahmar, al-Bajali
Place of Birth Kufa
Place(s) of Residence Kufa, Basra
Death/Martyrdom 2nd/8th century
Professors Zurara b. A'yan, Abu Basir al-Asadi, Layth al-Muradi, ...
Students Fadala b. Ayyub, Ibn Abi 'Umayr al-Bazanti, Hasan b. Mahbub, ...
Works Al-Mab'ath wa l-maghazi wa l-wafat wa al-saqifa wa al-radda
Activities People of Consensus

ʾAbān b. ʿUthmān al-ʾAḥmar al-Bajalī (Arabic: أبان بن عثمان الأحمر البجلي) (fl. 2nd/8th century), was a companion of Imam al-Sadiq (a) and Imam al-Kazim (a) and one of the People of Consensus. He has quoted hadiths from Imam al-Sadiq (a) both directly and indirectly.

Aban was familiar with Arabic history, literature, and genealogy. He wrote a book on the biography of the Holy Prophet (s).



Al-Najashi states that Aban was originally from Kufa who would sometimes live in Kufa and sometimes in Basra. However, according to al-Kashshi's report, Aban was "from the people of Basra... and he resided in Kufa."

In rijal sources and in the chains of transmission of hadiths, he is mentioned by such names as Aban b. al-Ahmar, Aban al-Ahmar, and Aban al-Ahmari as well. His kunya was Abu 'Abd Allah.

People of Consensus

Comapnions of Imam al-Baqir (a)
Zurara b. A'yan
Ma'ruf b. Kharrabudh
Burayd b. Mu'awiya
Abu Basir
al-Fudayl b. Yasar
Muhammad b. Muslim

Companions of Imam al-Sadiq (a)
Jamil b. Darraj
'Abd Allah b. Muskan
'Abd Allah b. Bukayr
Hammad b. 'Uthman
Hammad b. 'Isa
Aban b. 'Uthman

Companions of Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a)
Yunus b. 'Abd al-Rahman
Safwan b. Yahya
Muhammad b. Abi 'Umayr
Abd Allah b. al-Mughira
Hasan b. Mahbub
Ahmad b. Abi Nasr al-Bazanti

Reliability in Hadith Transmission

Aban was a companion of Imam al-Sadiq (a) and Imam al-Kazim (a), though al-Shaykh al-Tusi mentions him only among the companions of the former.

Aban is regarded as one of the People of Consensus whose reliability is agreed upon among all Shi'a scholars.

Religious Affiliation

Some sources mention that Aban belonged to the sect Nawusiyya. However, al-Khoei believes that this is a false accusation based on a copyist's error mistakenly changing the word Qadisiyya (the name of a town in Iraq) in the original manuscripts into Nawusiyya. This can be supported by the fact that al-Najashi and al-Shaykh al-Tusi both testify that Aban had quoted hadiths from Imam al-Kazim (a).

Aban is also accused of being a Fatahi or a Waqifi. Al-Khoei rejects these accusations as well, based on the fact that such claims are not compatible with Aban's being one of the People of Consensus. He believes the accusation of being Fatahi is a mistake of al-Allama al-Hilli.

Teachers and Students

Aban has quoted hadith from Imam al-Sadiq (a) and Imam al-Kazim (a), and from such hadith transmitters as

In his Mu'jam rijal al-hadith, al-Khoei mentions the names of more than one-hundred hadith transmitters from whom Aban quoted hadiths.

More than fifty hadith transmitters quoted hadiths from Aban, including:


The book Al-Mab'ath wa l-maghazi wa l-wafat wa al-saqifa wa al-Radda of Aban b. 'Uthman

Al-Najashi and al-Shaykh al-Tusi mention that Aban had a book that contained the following parts:

  • The Beginning (al-Mubtada'),
  • The Mission of the Prophet (al-Mab'ath),
  • The Battles (al-Maghazi),
  • The Demise (al-Wafat),
  • The Saqifa,
  • The Apostasy (al-Radda).

'Ali b. Ibrahim al-Qummi in his exegesis (Tafsir al-Qummi) and al-Tabrisi in his I'lam al-wara heavily rely on this work.

Rasul Ja'farian reconstructed the text of the book from different sources and it was published in 1375 Sh/1996-7 in Qom.


Aban has been sometimes mistaken with Aban son of the third Caliph. For instance, Fuat Sezgin mentions Aban b. 'Uthamn b. 'Affan as one of the early biographers of the Holy Prophet (s), from whom al-Ya'qubi quoted in his Tarikh al-Ya'qubi. However, the Aban that al-Ya'qubi refers to is Aban b. 'Uthman al-Ahmar, because al-Ya'qubi clearly states that he quoted hadiths from Imam al-Sadiq (a), and this does not accord with the age range of Aban the son of the third Caliph, present in the Battle of Jamal.