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'Abd Allah b. Abi l-Husayn al-Azdi

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This article is about one of the companions of Imam 'Ali (a). For the companion of 'Umar b. Sa'd who fought against Imam al-Husayn, see 'Abd Allah b. Abi l-Husayn al-Azdi al-Bajali.

ʿAbd Allāh b. Abī l-Ḥuṣayn al-Azdī (Arabic: عبد الله بن أبي الحُصَین الأزدي, d. 37/657) was a supporter of 'Ali b. Abi Talib (a) in the Battle of Siffin.

In the time of the battle of Siffin, when the army of Imam 'Ali (a) was passing over a bridge in Raqqa, the battle helmets of 'Abd Allah b. Abi l-Husayn al-Azdi and 'Abd Allah b. al-Hajjaj al-Azdi fell on the ground because of the throng of soldiers. They got off their horses and picked up their helmets. 'Abd Allah b. al-Hajjaj told 'Abd Allah b. Abi l-Husayn: "If augury is right, I will be killed soon and you will be killed as well."

'Abd Allah b. Abi l-Husayn said: "I don't like anything more than that."

'Abd Allah b. Abi l-Husayn was a reciter of Quran who went to the battle along with 'Ammar b. Yasir and he was killed. Before he entered the battlefield, Mikhnaf b. Sulaym told him: "We need you more than 'Ammar b. Yasir does." But he ignored him and accompanied 'Ammar. They were both killed in the battle later.