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Manaqib Al Abi Talib (book)

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Manāqib Āl Abī Ṭālib (Arabic: مَناقِبُ آلِ أبی ‏طالب) known as al-Manāqib (Arabic: المناقب) is an Arabic book about merits and virtues of the Infallibles (a) written by the Shi'a scholar, Muhammad b. 'Ali b. Shahrashub (d. 588/1192). In this book, the author has talked about the virtues of the Prophet (s), Imams (a) and the Companions which are not available in the current version. Current prints are organized in four volumes which begin from the virtues of the Prophet (s) and end with virtues of Imam al-'Askari (a) and there is no discussion about Imam al-Mahdi (a). Also, some issues which the author refers them in his other books to Manaqib cannot be found in current versions.

Manaqib Al Abi Talib
Author Muhammad b. 'Ali b. Shahrashub
Original title مناقب آل ابی طالب
Language Arabic
Subject Merits and Virtues of the Infallibles (a)