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For the incident the verse refers to which, see Mubahala.

Al-Mubāhala verse (Arabic: آية المباهلة) is verse 61 of Qur'an 3 (Sura Al 'Imran) which is about the Prophet's (s) encounter with Christians of Najran. Shi'ite and some Sunni exegetes have considered this verse as a merit for Ashab al-Kisa' especially Imam 'Ali (a). Imam Ali (a) has been introduced as the soul of the Prophet (s). Imam al-Rida (a) has considered this verse as the greatest merit for Imam Ali (a) in the Qur'an.

Mubahala Aya.PNG
Verse's Information
Name Al-Mubahala Verse
Sura Qur'an 3
Verse 61
Juz' 3
Content Information
Cause of
Prophet's debate with Christians of Najran
Place of
Others Virtue of Ashab al-Kisa'
Related Verses al-Tathir verse

Imam 'Ali (a)
First Imam of Shi'a

Event of GhadirLaylat al-MabitYawm al-Dar