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Al-Shajara al-Mal'una

Al-Shajara al-Malʿūna (Arabic: الشجرة الملعونة) is a Qur'anic title meaning "the cursed tree". It is mentioned in the Qur'an once. According to exegetes, God showed this tree to the Prophet (s) and mentioned it a cause of trouble, trial, and threat for people. Exegetical references have mentioned different referents for it such as al-Zaqqum, Banu Umayya, Jews, and Taghut.



"Al-Shajara al-Mal'una" is mentioned in verse 60 of Qur'an 17:

Al-Tabrisi considered the goal of mentioning the "al-Shajara al-Mal'una", a reference to divine test in trials.[1] " 'Allama Tabataba'i" believed that in this verse, the meaning of threat is also hidden; meaning that by "al-Shajara al-Mal'una", God has threatened people.[2]


Shi'a and Sunni exegetes have mentioned some examples for "al-Shajara al-Mal'una":

Al-Zaqqum Tree

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Many Shi'a and Sunni exegetes consider "al-Shajara al-Mal'una" re