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Qur'an 8:61

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Qur'an 8:61 also known as Al-Ṣulḥ Verse, or the Verse of Peace (Arabic: آیة الصلح), is the verse sixty one of the Qur'an 8, in which the Prophet (s) is commanded to accept requests for peace and compromise from those who have broken their pledges and fought with Muslims in his capacity as the leader of the Islamic community, and not to waver out of the fear from its consequences and to trust in God. The verse is taken as evidence for the peaceful nature of Islam.

Verse's Information
Name Verse of Peace
Sura The Qur'an 8 (Sura al-Anfal)
Verse 61
Juz' 10
Page 184
Content Information
Place of
Topic Moral-Juristic
About Peacemaking
Related Verses Qur'an 2:208


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