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Al-Khums Verse

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The Verse of Khums or Āya al-Khums (Arabic: آیة الخُمس) is the verse forty one of the Qur'an 8 (Sura al-Anfal) in which Khums has been made obligatory. Shiite and Sunni Muslims have differently interpreted the term, "ghanima" (the spoils of war), in the verse. Shiite jurists appeal to hadiths from Ahl al-Bayt (a) to show that the term encompasses all sorts of incomes, profits, and benefits.

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Verse's Information
Name Al-Khums Verse
Sura Qur'an 8
Verse 41
Juz' 10
Content Information
Cause of
Disputes over the shares of the spoils.
Place of
Topic Fiqhi
About Wujub of Khums

According to the verse, Khums should be divided into six shares which are, according to the majority of Shiite jurists, classified into two general categories: the share of the Imam, and the share of Sayyids. The shares of God, the Prophet (s), and Dhawi l-Qurba (the kinsmen) are given to the Prophet (s), and after him, they are given to the Infallible Imams (a).