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Aqa'id al-Imamiyya (book)

ʿAqāʾid al-Imāmīyya (Arabic: عقائد الإمامیة) is an Arabic book concerning Shiite beliefs, written by Muhammad Rida al-Muzaffar (d. 1383/1964). The book originally consisted of his lectures in "Muntada al-Nashr College" in which Shiite beliefs are cashed out for the public in a non-complicated way. Aqa'id al-Imamiyya contains five chapters, each of which contains a number of sections. After the publication, the book became popular, an exposition was written for it, was translated, and was published many times by several publishers.

Aqa'id al-Imamiyya (book)
Author Muhammad Rida al-Muzaffar
Original title عقائد الامامیة
Language Arabic
Series 1 volume
Subject Shiite beliefs
Published 1387SH/2008
Publisher Ansariyan and several publishers


How the Book Was Written

The book originally consisted of al-Muzaffar's lectures in the religious college of Muntada al-Nashr in 1363/1943. In 1370/1950, the lectures were compiled and edited into a book. After revisions and some corrections, the book was published in 1380/1960 in Egypt with a preface by the author and an introduction by Hamid al-Hufni, a Sunni professor in Cairo University.