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Ja'far Subḥānī (Persian: جعفر سبحانی) (b. 1929), one of the Shi'a Marja' and teachers in Qom Seminary. He is an expert in jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, Qur'anic exegesis, and theology. Prior to the Islamic revolution in Iran, Subhani was one of the managers of Dar al-Tabligh-i Islami and one of the authors of Maktab-i Islam journal. After the revolution, he became the representative of the people of the Eastern Azerbaijan Province in the Assembly of Experts for Constitution. He is the founder of the Specialized Institute for Islamic Theology (Imam Sadiq Institute) in Qom Seminary.

Ja'far Subhani
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Personal Information
Epithet Ayatullah
Religious Affiliation Shia Islam
Birth April 9, 1929
Place of Birth Tabriz
Residence Qom
Studied in Tabriz, Qom
Scholarly Information
Professors Sayyid Husayn Burujirdi,