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Burayda b. al-Husayb

Burayda b. al-Ḥuṣayb al-Aslamī (Arabic: بُرَیدَة بن الحُصَيب الأَسلَمي) was a companion of the Prophet (s). He attended most of the Prophet's (s) battles (ghazwas). He was the head of the Aslam b. Afsa tribe. His conversion to Islam led to the conversion of many people in his tribe to Islam. After the demise of the Prophet (s) he supported Imam 'Ali (a) and refused to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr.

Burayda b. al-Husayb
Personal Information
Teknonym Abu 'Abd Allah
Lineage Aslam b. Afsa tribe
Muhajir/Ansar Ansar
Place(s) of Residence Medina, Basra, Merv
Death/Martyrdom 63/682-3
Burial Place Turkmenistan
Religious Information
Presence at Ghazwas All ghazwas except for battles of Badr and Uhud
Migration to Basra, Merv
Known for Refusing to pledge allegiance with Abu Bakr and supporting Imam 'Ali (a)
Other Activities Transmitter of Hadith al-Rayat and Hadith al-Ghadir



Burayda's father is mentioned in many sources as "al-Husayb" and in some as "Khuḍayb". He was the head of the Aslam b. Afsa tribe. He was known with different kunyas such as Abu 'Abd Allah, Abu Sahl, Abu l-Husayb, and Abu Sasan, but he is most commonly known as Abu 'Abd Allah.

In the Period of the Prophet (s)

During the Prophet's (s) immigration from