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Day of Separation or Yawm al-Faṣl (Arabic: یَوْم الفَصْل) is a term in the Qur'an referring to the Day of Judgement. Exegetes of the Qur'an maintain that the Day of Judgement is referred to as such because it is on this day that the truth and falsehood will be separated.



"Al-Fasl" literally means to "cut off" or "separate" in a way that a distance is created there between.[1]

In the Qur'an

  • The term, "Yawm al-Fasl", is used in the Qur'an to refer to the Day of Judgement mainly for the purpose of reprehending and threatening polytheists or deniers. According to the Quran 37:21 [2] and in Qur'an 44:40 [3], it is used to threaten the polytheists, and in its subsequent verses, the meaning of separation (al-fasl) is explained as follows:
  • In Qur'an 77, the term, Yawm al-Fasl, has been used three times to refer to the Day of Judgement. In verses thirteen and fourteen, the greatness of the Day is characterized as follows: