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For similar terms, see Yawm al-Dar (disambiguation).

Ḥadith Yawm al-Dār (Arabic: حدیث یوم الدار) known also as Ḥadith Yawm al-Indhār and Ḥadith al-'Ashira is a hadith from the Prophet (s) in which he asks his kinsmen to accept his call to Islam and he declares Ali b. Abi Talib (a) as his immediate successor. According to sources of history, hadiths and Qur'anic exegesis, the story has occurred in the third year of his Bi'tha when he was required by verse 214 of Qur'an 26, known as the al-Indhar Verse, to call his close kinsmen to Islam. The hadith is one of the of evidence appealed to by Imamiyya scholars of theology to show the immediate succession of the Prophet (s) by Imam Ali (a).

Significant Events of
Prophet Muhammad's (s) Lifetime
in Mecca
Before Islam
569-70 Birth; Demise of 'Abd Allah (Father)
576 Demise of Amina bt. Wahb (Mother)
578 Demise of 'Abd al-Muttalib (Grandfather)
583 Business Trip to Damascus
595 Marriage to Khadija bt. Khuwaylid
610 Bi'tha and the beginning of Prophethood
613 Yawm al-Dar and Overt Invitation
614 Harassment of Muslims by Quraysh
615 Birth of Lady Fatima (a)
615 Emigration of a Group of Muslims
to Abyssinia
616 Blockade of Banu Hashim
in Shi'b Abi Talib
619 End of Blockade of Banu Hashim
in Shi'b Abi Talib
619 The year of sorrow, Demise of Abu Talib
and Khadija bt. Khuwaylid
620 Mi'raj