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Iqbal al-a'mal (book)

Iqbāl al-aʿmāl (Arabic: إقبال الأعمال) is an Arabic book of du'as, ziyarat of the Infallibles (a), prayers and practices which have been recommended to perform at specific times of the year. It's full title is, Al-Iqbāl bi-l-aʿmāl al-hasanat fi mā yuʿmal marrah fi l-sanah (Arabic: الإقبال بالأعمال الحسنة فيما يعمل مرة فی السنة), meaning, "Turning to good actions about practices done once a year". It was written by 'Ali b. Musa b. Tawus al-Hilli (d. 664/1266), one of the most renowned Shi'a scholars of all time.

Iqbal al-a'mal
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Author Al-Sayyid Radi al-Din 'Ali b. Musa b. Tawus al-Hilli
Original title إقبال الأعمال
Language Arabic
Series 3 volumes
Subject Du'as
Genre Narrative



Al-Sayyid Radi al-Din 'Ali b. Musa b. Tawus al-Hilli (b. 589/1193 – d. 664/1266), a descendant of Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (a), was born in Hillah.[1] He was famous for his asceticism, piety and mysticism, and was an expert in fiqh, literature, and writing poetry.

Sayyid had a great library which he inherited from his grandfather. He himself said that he had either read or been taught each of the books present in this library.

Ibn Tawus wrote almost 50 works, most of which are about du'as and