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Iran (Persian: ایران), officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in southwestern Asia and the abode of one of the oldest world civilizations. The country's capital and largest city is Tehran.

With the establishment of the Safavid dynasty, the first independent Shiite country was formed in Iran. The holy shrine of Imam al-Rida (a) and the shrines of the descendants of the Prophet (s), Shiite seminaries in different cities, important Shiite cities, outstanding Shiite scholars and religious authorities are among the elements of Iran's importance in the Shiite world.



Iran is a country in southwestern Asia with 1,648,195 km² land area. The country's population was about eighty one million in 2016. The capital of the country is Tehran at the southern foot of the Alborz Mountains. With 8755 km borderline, Iran is bounded by its fifteen neighboring countries:

Conversion to Islam

In 16/637, during the reign of the caliph Umar b. Khattab, Arab Muslims