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Irtimas (immersion)

Irtimās (Arabic: اِرتماس , lit: Immersion) is a term in jurisprudence meaning immersion of the head about which there are discussions in jurisprudential books in the parts of tahara (purity), hajj and fasting. According to Shi'a jurists, immersion of the head in the water is forbidden for a person wearing ihram and a person who is fasting. Also, some have considered immersion among the invalidators of fasting.

  • If one does not immerse one's head in the water intentionally, irtimas is not occured and one's fasting and hajj are not invalidated.
  • According to a group of jurists, based on caution, immersing the head in mudaf water is also considered irtimas.
  • According to some, if the scull of the head is out of the water upon immersing the head in water, the fating is valid.
  • There is no difference in immersing the head in water at once or gradually.

The word "irtimas" is mentioned in the discussions of ghusl irtimasi (by immersion), wudu irtimasi and in some hadiths meaning immersion in sins.


  • The material for this article is mainly taken from ارتماس in farsi WikiShia.