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Khadija bt. Khuwaylid (a)

Khadīja bt. Khuwaylid (a) (Arabic: خَدیجة بنت خُویلد) (b. ? - d. 4 BH/619), known as Khadīja al-Kubrā (a) and Umm al-Mu'minīn (the Mother of Believers), was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (s) and the mother of Lady Fatima (a). She married Prophet Muhammad (s) 15 years before Bi'tha (595-96 CE) and was the first woman who converted to Islam. Khadija (a) dedicated her wealth for expansion of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (s) did not choose another wife during his marital life with Khadija (a). During her life and after her demise the Prophet (s) always praised Khadija (a).

Khadija bt. Khuwaylid
Wife of the Prophet (s)
Al-Ma'lat cemetery after it was demolished by Wahhabis in 1343/1925
Full Name Khadija bt. Khuwaylid (a)
Teknonym Umm Hind
Well-known As Umm al-Mu'minin
Religious Affiliation Islam
Lineage Quraysh
Well-known Relatives The Prophet (s), Lady Fatima (a)
Place of Birth Mecca
Death/Martyrdom Ramadan 10, 4 BH/May 1, 619
Burial Place Al-Hajun Cemetery, Mecca
Era Early Islam
Known for Wife o