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Mālik b. Hārith al-Nakhaʿī (Arabic:مالک بن حارث النخعي) (b.? - d. 39/659-660) well-known as Malik al-Ashtar (مالک الأشتر) was one of the especial companions of Imam Ali (a). During the caliphate of Uthman b. 'Affan, he participated in the funeral of Abu Dhar and because he objected to the governor of Kufa, he was exiled to Hums. After he returned from Hums, people made him the governor of Kufa. During the besiege of 'Uthman's house, Malik was among the the besiegers. Supporters of Mu'awiya accused him of being an accomplice in the murder of 'Uthman.

Companion of Imam (a)
Malik al-Ashtar
مالک اشتر.jpg
The tomb of Malik al-Ashtar in Egypt
Full Name Malik b. Harith al-Nakha'i
Companion of Imam Ali (a)
Well Known As Al-Ashtar
Wellknown Relatives Ibrahim b. Malik (his son)
Place of Birth Yemen
Place(s) of Residence Yemen, Kufa
Martyrdom 39/659-660
Cause of Martyrdom He was poisoned
Burial Place Egypt
Activities One of the prominent commanders of the army of Imam Ali (a) in the Battle of Jamal and Battle of Siffin

Imam 'Ali (a)
First Imam of Shi'a

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