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Marjaʿ (Arabic: المرجع; literally: authority to which one refers) is a jurist and religious scholar whose edicts (fatwas) about jurisprudential issues are followed and acted upon by a group of Shi'a and to whom his followers give their religious taxes and fines. Al-Marjaʿīyya (Arabic: المَرجَعیّة, literally: religious authority) is the position of giving edicts and is the highest religious ranking for Twelver Shi'as. The position is not held by appointment. The Shi'as usually make inquiries about the person who qualifies as an authority by consulting with religious scholars and clergies. The most crucial condition to qualify for marja'iyya is scholarly superiority to other jurists. A follower of a marja' is called his "muqallids" (who adopts marja's edicts).

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