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Marwān b. al-Ḥakam b. Abī l-ʿĀs b. Umayya (Arabic: مروان بن الحکم بن أبي العاص بن أمیة) was the fourth Umayyad caliph and the head of Marwanids. The Prophet (s) exiled Marwan and his father, to Ta'if. He was taken back to Medina by the third caliph, 'Uthman b. 'Affan, where he received a position in the administration of the caliphate. In the battles of Jamal and Siffin, he stood against Imam Ali (a). Later he opposed burying the body of Imam al-Hasan (a) beside the grave of his grandfather, the Prophet (s). He later had an argument with Imam al-Husayn (a) as the latter (a) did not give allegiance to Yazid. After the withdrawal of Mu'awiya b. Yazid from caliphate, Marwan took the caliphate and after about ten months, he was killed by his wife in 65/685.

Marwan b. al-Hakam
4th Umayyad Caliph
Personal Information
Teknonym Abu 'Abd al-Malik
Birth 2/623
Death 65/685
Father al-Hakam b. Abi l-'As
Children 'Abd al-Malik, Mu'awiya, 'Abd al-'Aziz, ...
Spouse(s) Umm Aban, 'A'isha, Umm Khalid, ...
Burial Place Damascus
Dynasty Umayyad
Reign 64/683-65/685
Contemporary with Imam al-Sajjad (a)
Capital Damascus
Activities Participating in battles of Jamal and Siffin, ...