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Maryam bt. 'Imrān (Arabic: مریم بنت عمران), or Mary (a) was the mother of Jesus (a), whose pregnancy occurred in a miraculous way. The story of her life, from her birth to the birth of her son, Jesus (a), is narrated in Qur'an 19 of the Qur'an. In Shiite and Sunni hadiths, Maryam (a) is considered as one of the "four superior women" in the Heaven along with Fatima al-Zahra (a), Khadija bt. Khuwaylid (a), and Asiya (a).

Full Name Maryam bt. 'Imran
Epithet Al-Batul, al-'Adhra'
Well-known As Saint Mary
Well-known Relatives 'Imran (father), Hanna (mother), Jesus (a) (son)
Birth It is said that she was born 20 years before the birth of Jesus (a)
Place of Residence Jerusalem
Death/Martyrdom According to some Christian sources, Maryam (a) died in about 35 at the age of 51.
Burial Place Her burial place is not known


Birth and Lineage

There is no mention of Maryam's (a) life in the Gospel, but other Christian sources as well as the Qur'an and Islamic hadiths have provided information about Maryam's (a) life.

In Christian sources, her father's name is said to be "Joachim", and in the Qur'an and Islamic hadiths, he is mentioned as "'Imran". According to a hadith from Imam al-Baqir (a), 'Imran was an Israelite prophet. According to Ibn Ishaq's repo