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Mi'raj al-sa'ada (book)

Mi'raj al-sa'ada (Arabic: معراج السعاده) is a book in Arabic in Islamic ethics with an intellectual and traditional approach written by Mulla Ahmad Naraqi (Naraqi Thani). The author has compiled it in five parts; in which, he has explained moral issues with an intellectual approach. Mi'raj al-sa'ada can be considered a Persian summary of Jami' al-sa'adat written by Mulla Mahdi Naraqi; but, it has many differences. Muhaddith Qummi summarized Mi'raj al-sa'ada.

Mi'raj al-sa'ada
Author Mulla Ahmad Naraqi
Original title معراج السعاده
Language Arabic
Series 1 vol
Subject Ethic
Genre Intellectual and Hadith

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