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Muhammad Husayn Kashif al-Ghita'

This article is about Muhammad Husayn Kashif al-Ghita'. For other people titled as Kashif al-Ghita;, see Kashif al-Ghita' (disambiguation).

Muḥammad Ḥusayn Kāshif al-Ghiṭaʾ (Arabic:محمّد حسین کاشِف الغِطاء) (b. 1294/1877 - d. 1373/1953) was a Shi'a intellectual and marja' of Najaf. He was a prominent figure in fiqh, rhetoric, Arabic literature, philosophy, hikmah (wisdom), tafsir and 'Irfan (mysticism). Kashif al-Ghita' was one of the first faqihs who applied comparative methodology in fiqh studies in the seminary center of Najaf. He has written numerous books especially in introducing Shi'a, his book Asl al-Shi'a wa usuluha (roots and principles of Shi'a), which was about introducing and defending Shi'ism, was translated to Farsi as A'in ma (This is our religion). Islamic unity and Islamic awakening were his concerns, and he has made efforts in introducing and defending Shi'a, for unity and proximity of Islamic sects. He was concerned in social and political aspects of Islamic society; besides he went on the battlefield and faced the English occupiers in World War I.

Muhammad Husayn Kashif al-Ghita'
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محمدحسین کاشف الغطاء
Personal Information
Full Name Muhammad Husayn Kashif al-Ghita'
Lineage Kashif al-Ghita' family descended from Malik al-Ashtar
Well-Known Relatives Shaykh Ja'far Kashif al-Ghita', Shaykh 'Ali Kashif al-Ghita', Shaykh Ahmad Kashif al-Ghita'
Birth 1294/1877 Najaf
Residence Najaf (Iraq)