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Mujtabā Shahīdī Kalhurī (Persian: مجتبی شهیدی کَلهُری), known as Āqa Mujtabā Tihrānī (Persian:آقا مجتبی تهرانی) (b. 1356/1933 - d. 1434/2013), was a Shiite faqih (jurist), mujtahid (religious authority), and lecturer of ethics in the Islamic seminary of Tehran. He was a student of Imam Khomeini and contributed to editing his essay of fatwas. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he did not undertake any position in the Islamic Republic of Iran, although he was a supporter of the revolution. Ayatollah Tihrani led congregational prayers in Masjid Jami' of Tehran's bazaar. His public lectures on ethics were popular among people of Tehran. Ayatollah Shaykh Murtada Tihrani and Mahdi Kalhur are his brothers.

Aqa Mujtaba Tihrani
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Personal Information
Full Name Mujtaba Shahidi Kalhuri
Birth 1356/1933
Residence Tehran
Death Safar 19, 1434/January 2, 2013
Burial Place