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Nuh (a)

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Noah (a) (Arabic: نوح) was the first Ulu al-'Azm prophet. He is the third prophet after Adam (a) and the first prophet, at whose time the punishment of God was sent. By the order of God, Noah (a) built an ark to rescue believers from the flood. The Qur'an mentioned Noah (a) the first prophet who brought sharia to humanity. He is mentioned in Quran multiple times and one of the suras that is specifically about his story is named after him. Because of his long life, he (a) is known as Shaykh al-Anbiya' (elder of the prophets). His long life is used as an evidence for the long life of Imam al-Mahdi (a).

Nuh (a)
Name in
the Qur'an:
Nuh (a)
Name in
the Bible:
Place of Birth: Mesopotamia
Place(s) of
Burial place: Najaf (?)
Name of People: People of Nuh (a)
Before: Sam (a)
After: Idris (a)
Age: 2500 (?)
Era: 2000 years after Fall of Adam (a)
Repeat in
the Qur'an:
Flood of Nuh (a)



According to Islamic traditions, Noah (a) was the ninth generation in descendants of Adam (a). He is the son of Lamak, son of Mattushalkh, son of Idris, son of Yard, son of Mahlayil, son of Qaynan, son of Anush, son Shayth, son of Adam.[1] There are different views about the time of his birth. Some believe that he (a) was born