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Private endowment (Arabic: الوقف الخاصّ) is to give a physical property (such as a piece of land, garden, house, etc.) so that specific person or persons receive its benefits. Based on the views of many jurists, in case of the private endowment, the physical property goes out of the original owner's possession and power.

According to some jurists, the ownership of such an endowment is transferred to the one(s) for whom the endowment is made. Some others believe that the endowed property is like the property which has no owner and its owner does not need to be specified. But, in any case, transferring an endowed property is not possible.

In the views of some jurists, in this type of endowment, the custodianship of the endowment is upon the person or persons for whom the endowment is made and the Shari'a ruler has no right to interfere in it. But, based on the theory of Wilayat al-faqih, some jurists believe that Wali al-faqih can supervise the correct execution of the endowment regarding private endowments as well. Some other jurists consider supervision of Wali al-faqih in private endowment only when it is necessary.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from وقف خاص in Farsi WikiShia.