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Sura al-Ahzab

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This article is an introduction to the Sura al-Ahzab; to read its text see text:Sura al-Ahzab.

Sura al-Ahzab (Arabic: سورة الأحزاب) is thirty third sura of the Qur'an. It is a Madani sura, located in juz's twenty first and twenty second. Since a significant part of this sura is about the battle of Ahzab (also called Khandaq), this sura is named al-Ahzab. Sura al-Ahzab is about not following disbelievers and obeying God, some laws of the Age of Ignorance, duties of the wives of the Prophet (s), the story of the Prophet's (s) marriage with Zaynab bt. Jahsh and the issue of hijab.

Sura al-Ahzab
Sajda← →Saba'
سوره احزاب.jpg
Sura Number 33
Juz' 21 and 22
Revelation Number 90
Makki/Madani Madani
Verse Count 73
Word Count 1037
Letter Count 5787

Sura al-Ahzab has many famous verses, including a verse which calls the Prophet's (s) wives, "Ummahat al-Mu'minin", introduces the Prophet (s) as an exemplar, and the al-Tathir verse, the al-Khatamiyya verse, the Salawat verse and the