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Shuhada' al-fadila (book)

Shuhada' al-fadila
Author Abd al-Husayn Amini
Original title شُهَداءُ الفَضیلَة
Language Arabic
Series 1 volume
Subject Biography of 130 Shiite martyred scholars
Published 1355/1936

Shuhadā' al-faḍīla' (Arabic: شُهَداء الفَضیلة), lit. martyrs of the virtue) is a book by 'Allama Amini involving the biographies of 130 martyred scholars and the way they were martyred.


The Author

Main article: 'Abd al-Husayn Amini

'Allama Amini (d. Rabi' II 28, 1390/ July 3, 1970) was a jurist, muhaddith, a theologian, a historian, an expert of manuscripts, and a great Shiite scholar in the fourteenth/twentieth century. In addition to writing significant scholarly works, he founded the Library of Amir al-Mu'minin (a) in Najaf in which seventy thousand manuscripts are kept.


The book contains the biographies of 130 scholars who were martyred in the path of Islamic principles and social virtues, or were martyred for having such positions. A great number of people mentioned in the book are those who were martyred because of their Shiism and their belief in the wilaya of Imam Ali (a) and his family.[1]

Amini has mentioned martyred Shiite scholars from the forth/tenth century onwards without mentioning scholars in the early three centuries, because their biographies are provided in many books and encyclopedias. Under a section called "Dhayl" (appendix), the author has provided biographies of some well-known martyred Shi'as who were prominent figures, though they were not known as scholars.[2]

Reactions to the Book

Shuhada' al-fadila was first published in Najaf in 1355/1936. Many great scholars wrote acknowledgments to encourage its then young author, referring to him as "'Allama" (a title which means a person who knows a lot). Here are some such scholars:


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