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Al-Sayyid Hasan al-Sadr

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'''Sayyid Hasan Sadr ''' (1272 – 1354 AH) was a scholar in fiqh, usul and hadith and was among Shi’a authorities known as Muhaddith Kazimayni. He received permission for transmitting hadiths from many religious scholars. His most famous work is Ta’sis al-Shi’a li ‘ulum al-Islam on the role of Shi’a in foundation of Islamic sciences.
== Life and Education ==
== Demise ==
Sayyid Hasan Sadr passed away on Thursday, Rabi’ al-Awwal 11, 1354 AH and was buried in one of the rooms of the courtyard of Kadhimiyya shrine beside his father’s grave. Following his demise, Sayyid Abu al-Hasan Isfahani announced public mourning for three days.
*The material for this article is mainly taken from {{ia|[[:fa:سید حسن صدر|سید حسن صدر]]}} in Farsi WikiShia.
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