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Sayyid Muhammad 'Ali 'Alawi Gurgani

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==Public Services==
Ayatollah 'Alawi constructed mosques, [[Husayniyya]]s, clinics, and charity funds in different areas of [[Iran]]. He helped repair parts of the great mosque of Gorgan, founded and repaired a number of other mosques in Gorgan and its surrounding areas, built a clinic in the village of Alang, constructed the Husayniyya of Mahdishahr in Semnan, and established the charity fund of Hay'at Fatimiyya in [[Tehran]].
Ayatollah 'Alawi Gurgani wrote a number of works concerning [[jurisprudence]], [[principles of jurisprudence]], [[hadith]]s, and [[rijal]]. His works are published by the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences within one compact disc. Some of his works include:
*''[[Tawdih al-masa'il]]'' in Farsi and UrdoUrdu
*''Manhaj al-salihin'' ([[essay of fatwas]] in Arabic)
*''Ajwabat al-masa'il'' (answering to the newest religious questions)
*The material for this article is mainly taken from {{ia|[[:fa:سید محمدعلی علوی گرگانی|سید محمدعلی علوی گرگانی]]}} in Farsi WikiShia.
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