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Suwayd b. 'Amr al-Khath'ami

Suwayd b. ʿAmr b. Abī Muṭāʿ al-Khathʿamī (Arabic: سُوَیْد بْن عَمْرو بْن أبی مُطاع الخَثْعَمی) was the last martyr in the Event of Karbala. He was martyred a short time after the martyrdom of Imam al-Husayn (a).

Lineage and Character

Suwayd b. 'Amr b. Abi Muta' al-Khath'ami was from the Khath'am tribe. He is characterized as a nobleman, worshipper, a brave man, and a skillful warrior.

Event of Karbala

Suwayd was the last person among Imam al-Husayn’s (a) companions who went to the battlefield and fought until he was injured and fell down among other martyrs. Everyone thought that he was killed. After a while, however, Suwayd heard people saying that Husayn was killed. He stood on his feet with a great deal of effort and since his sword was taken away, he fought with a dagger until he was martyred. It is said that 'Urwa b. Battan al-Tha'labi and Zayd b. Riqad al-Janbi killed him.