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Tawakkul or trust in God (Arabic: التوكل) is a moral virtue and a station of mystical journeys. Tawakkul is to leave things to God, rely upon Him, and consider him as the only effective entity in the being. The Qur'an considers trust in God as a requirement of faith. According to hadiths, it is an essential part of faith. Some Muslim ethicists believe that if one's mood before and after gaining or losing something remains the same, then that is an indication for one's trust in God.

The highest degree of trust in God is to leave everything to God, not to take account of one's own will before God, and prefer whatever is determined for one by God. The degree of one's trust in God depends on the degree of one's faith and belief in monotheism. The greater faith one has, the higher degree of trust in God one will have.

According to Muslim ethicists, in Islam, hard work does not conflict with trust in God and the unity of actions (al-tawhid al-af'ali), because apparent causes do not have independent effects, their effects depending on the divine will since they are longitudinal (tuli) to God's power. Trust in God is said to have effects such as sufficient livelihood, easier life, and self-esteem.


The Notion

To trust is to express one's inability to do something and rely on someone else to do it.[1] According to Muhammad Mahdi al-Naraqi in Jami' al-sa'adat, in the religious culture, to trust in God is to consider God as the only effective entity in the being, to rely only on Him, to give up one's hope in others, and to leave everything to Him.[2]

Allama Tabataba'i takes the trust in God to amount to seeing God as the only effective entity in the world.[3] In his Ma'ani l-akhbar, al-Shaykh al-Saduq cites a hadith from the Prophet (s) according to which to trust in God is to know that creatures cannot bring about any benefits or cause any harms, to have hope only in God, not to fear anyone except God, and to work only for God.[4]

Relation between Tawakkul and Tafwid, Rida, and Taslim

There is a close relation between tawakkul (trust in God) and tafwid (delegation of one's tasks to God). In his al-Kafi, al-Kulayni has collected hadiths concerning both tawakkul and