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Ulu l-arḥām verse (Arabic: آیه اُولو الأرحام) refers to verse six of Sura al-Ahzab (Qur'an 33) and verse seventy five of Sura al-Anfal (Qur'an 8). These verses refer to Muslims inheriting from their true relatives.

Some believe that before the revelation of Ulu l-arham verse, Muslims who entered Pact of Brotherhood with each other inherited from each other based on a temporary ruling given by the Prophet (s). But, after the revelation of this verse, that ruling was abrogated and the inheritance of Muslims from each other was limited to their true relatives.

According to some hadiths, inheritance in this verse is interpreted as wilaya and government as it is transmitted from Imam al-Baqir (a) that here inheritance refers to the wilaya of the progeny of Imam al-Husayn (a).

Another part of this verse is about the Prophet (s) having more authority over believers than their own selves and also introducing his wives as the mothers of believers.


Text of the Verse