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Zayd b. Sawhan Mosque

Mosque of Zayd b. Ṣawḥān (Arabic: مَسْجِد زَیْد بن صَوْحان) is an old mosque in Kufa located at the southern side of al-Sahla Mosque and near al-Sa'sa'a Mosque. The building of the mosque has been repaired and reconstructed many times. Particular practices are recommended for this mosque in books of supplications.

Zayd b. Sawhan Mosque
Location Kufa, Iraq
Islamic Sect Shi'a Islam
Architectural information
Area 165 squarer meter
Renovation 1395/1975
Current Status Active
Features It is attributed to Zayd b. Sawhan, a companion of Imam 'Ali (a)


Zayd b. Sawhan

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Zayd b. Sawhan was a Shi'a and a companion of Imam 'Ali (a). His hand was injured in the war with Persians. Before the Battle of Jamal, Zayd called people of Kufa to support Imam 'Ali (a). He and his tribe went to the battle and he was martyred then. Zayd fasted many days of the year and spent nights worshiping God.